Burger King Rebrands For The First Time In 20 Years

A new year means a new look for some brands. For the first time in over 20 years, Burger King has rebranded with a "new" look. While this may seem new to some of us, the design is actually a revamp of the one used from 1965 to 1998. The change has a lot to do with the updates to their current recipes. Burger King is aiming to remove all artificial colors and flavors from their meals, so why stop on there. With the goal of creating a more appetizing meal, the King wanted the outside to be just as appetizing as the inside.

According to food studies, colors have an effect on a person's appetite. Red and yellow have proven to be the most appetizing, while blue is one of the only appetite suppressants. As most people know, Burger King's previous logo had the blue swoosh to symbolize the speed at which food was prepared. With the era of fast food picking up, the top priority was speed and convenience; now, the focus is on making people hungry.

The new rebrand includes not only an updated logo and new packaging, but also new uniforms. The new materials uses a custom-made font called "Flame Sans," which was created to represent the brand's long-time practice of flame grilling their burgers. Additionally, each of the colors in the campaign (red, orange, and brown) are named after their flame grilling process (Fiery Red, Flaming Orange, and BBQ Brown). In case it wasn't abundantly clear, Burger King thought of every little detail in this launch.

As with any rebranding, the new design has received a lot of attention. The logo itself has been the talk of twitter for days. Many have said this new campaign has been some of the best use of design in a very long time. Not only is it appetizing, it's comforting.

Personally, I find this rebrand very cute. The throwback feel and comforting colors are much more inviting than the previous design. This opens the door for a few things to happen. For one, people could be moved by nostalgia. Since this is a pickup of an old design, people who were around in the late 60s to 90s could be drawn to the old-time feeling it provides. This also has ample opportunity for user generated content. Although the interior will not be renovated for a few years, packaging is expected to roll out immediately. Customers will be sharing their adorable new meals on their Snapchat and Instagram without Burger King having to do any extra work.

What I'm most excited to see is if this new structure will drive more customers over to Burger King. The CEO of the King's parent company reported that they took quite a hit during the pandemic. Over a span of three months, sales had dropped 7% while competitors like McDonald's and Wendy's beat them out. It's clear that this launch is designed to get more people through the door, but will it stick? Popularity in a rebrand fades quickly if it's not properly managed. Though, the launch of their new $1 menu might keep some people around.

I can safely say that Burger King has generated enough buzz to get people interested, myself included. I'm excited to see what commercials or other social media campaigns they launch surrounding this new rebrand. My hope is that they take this momentum and run with it, rolling out more creative marketing material even after the excitement dies down. Overall, this seems to be a successful launch, and I'll be checking in on their social media to see what else they have in store.


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