Super Bowl Ads: The Hits & Misses

If you read my last post, you'll know why I watch the Super Bowl; the ads. With some of the big names pulling out, there were some new players in the Ad game. Overall, this year, I was a bit underwhelmed with the commercials, but some definitely stood out. With a five second ad to a poorly timed trading commercial, there were a few hits and misses.

Hit: Reddit

Of all the Super Bowl ads I've seen, there has never been one so short. Reddit decided on a much shorter ad that grabbed a lot of attention. Because of how quickly it disappeared, a lot of people thought it was a glitch. This, in turn, led to a lot of people searching online to find out what caused this "glitch." It started to trend on Twitter with people asking whether their TV had messed up, and with others sharing the screenshot others might have missed.

Miss: Robinhood

Yikes. This definitely didn't roll out at the right time. A few weeks ago, Robinhood restricted trading of Gamestop and AMC. With the title of this ad being "We are all investors" it doesn't really translate well when you aren't letting people trade. This looks like something that should have been urgently pulled.

Hit: Tide

In 2018, Tide commercials picked up in popularity. This year, they rolled out a funny commercial that let people know that their clothes aren't as clean as they think. Those who recognized Jason Alexander got a kick out of his facial expressions while also catching the message they were trying to send.

Miss: NFL

The NFL aired an ad that raised their support of the Black Lives Matter movement, and the fight for social justice. While that sounds like something everyone should be talking about, a lot of heads turned because of who put this out. When this aired, the name that rang in a lot of people's ears was Colin Kaepernick. For those of you that forgot, in 2016 Kaepernick, in protest against racial injustice, kneeled during the national anthem instead of standing. A year later, he was not re-signed, and has since remained a free agent. This ad was a hard miss, as a lot of people thought that the NFL should not be putting out ads for change, when they previously stifled it.

Hit: Amazon

If you told me that you didn't want an attractive personal assistant to listen to your every need, I truly wouldn't believe you. Amazon gave us a glimpse of what that would be like to have People's sexiest man alive as the vessel for Alexa. It tied in plenty of humor with the role of the jealous husband, and was just an all-around fun commercial to watch. The over 77 million views on YouTube also gives you a taste of how people felt about it.

Miss: Hellman's

Maybe my sense of humor doesn't line up properly, but I just couldn't enjoy this commercial. The ad ends with the line "make taste, not waste," even though they just wasted the leftovers he had in his hands. It probably meant make food that doesn't taste like waste, but at first glance I definitely didn't catch that.

While there was plenty of commercials this year, these were the ones that stood out to me the most. I could go on a long tangent of the best and the worst but that's been done. If you want to see a list of all of this year's Super Bowl ads check out this article by Vulture. Hopefully next year we get a lot more hits than misses.

Leave me a comment or message about what your favorite commercial was this year!


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